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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sugar Skull Mask

Sometimes there is an idea that floats around my head and nags at me shouting: "Make me, Make me, MAKE ME!!!". When this happens even if I ignore it, eventually it just has to be. This Sugar Skull Mask is one of those ideas, no matter how many projects I put in front of it, it floated around in my head for months. I finally broke down a couple of weeks ago and decided to work on it. Here are some photos of my process and its progress every couple of days.

Day 3

Day 5
Day 6

Day 8

Quite often elements of a design change as I go. For example: the blue crystal at the top of the heart in all of the photos above didn't work for me so I replaced it with this turquoise sugar skull bead and beaded fan to give the focal point of the mask more POP.

Day 10

Finally FINISHED! :)

Completed Mask with Make-Up
I find that it's really important to occasionally make something that is inspired from within even if I'm not sure it will appeal to most of my audience. It is what keeps my passion and joy for creating alive.

May you always BEAD happy! ~Cova


  1. that is freaky cool!! wow! you are so talented!

  2. Each of the stages is good. The last but one is really good. No wonder it was going on and on in your head.


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