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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tiaras and Wands and Crowns, Oh MY!

I am a huge believer of all thing Fairy Tale, nothing is better than adding a little magic and a smile to someone's day, I make a variety of Wands, Tiaras and Crowns to help make that happen...

Custom Tiaras for Every Occasion

Because Every Fairy, Fairy Princess and Fairy Godmother needs one!
Crowns make a fabulous finishing touch to a Halloween Costume.

Nothing makes you feel like a princess for a day quite like a Tiara! 

Pink Tiara!

Fairy Wands and Heart Scepters are the perfect gift to add a little extra magic to someone's day... 

Fairy Wand

Queen of Hearts Scepter.

Have a Magical day! 

May You Always BEAD Happy! ~Cova

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